Good world, bad world… and my way in it
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Good world, bad world… and my way in it

Date of event: March 1, 2023

Are black swans landing in the pond by my house? If so how am I dealing with the uncertainties and contradictions that these swans represent, in issues both big and small? How do I remain positive in spite of them? For as entrepreneurs, managers and consultants, we expect and we are expected to act as role models.

Our world will continue to be filled with uncertainty and volatility, including with unexpected and serious new challenges emerging out of nowhere. We feel the pressure increasing, and being responsible we expect to have to deal with it.

Many questions arise from all this. How much do I open up? On what do I focus? What does me good and what challenges me? What overwhelms me? Do I need to widen or narrow my guardrails, my blinders? How much change do I allow in my life, change with which I can cope? Am I facing turning points in my life, and if so what do they mean for me and those around me – in concrete terms?

We personally, here in the Leaders´ Circle, are generally still doing OK. But how does the increasingly desperate reality of life for so many other people affect us? What and how much of it do we allow to touch us? How closely and immediately? For a step out of the door is often also a step into a chaotic environment over which we may have little or no influence.

During the afternoon we will share stories how are we connecting with the life contexts of other people. How do we orient ourselves towards interacting and empathising with them? What remains constant for us, what changes, dissolves, re-emerges? Where and when and how do we intervene, become active, impactful? Where must we hold back? And where are we making a difference – on a small as well as a large scale?