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Since time immemorial, sitting in a circle of competent personalities, and learning from and with each other, has proven to be a very special and exciting way of communication…


Established in 2006, the LEADERS CIRCLE has been carried and inspired by personalities who authentically stand for leading organisations with courage, mindfulness and foresight. They are people who are committed to lifelong learning.

As an active player in Kenya who wants to see the country develop to its full potential, we are inviting you to our next Leaders Circle. We bring together leaders like you who are committed to building and leading organisations that contribute positively to people’s lives.


The Leaders Circle has no patent remedies. Here you learn from the experience of others, from stories and an inspiring dialogue. No more and no less. Story telling and generative dialogue are the experimental and highly effective forms of communication in the LEADERS CIRCLE. Since time immemorial, it has proven to be a very special and exciting way of sitting in a circle of competent personalities, learning from and with each other.

Within the Leaders Circle, through our story-telling, each participant benefits from the experience of others, through facilitated dialogue. This sharing of inspiring stories by wise men and women is a form of learning and encouragement that has existed for as long as human beings themselves, and we know how much the earlier events have enriched and inspired us. For although storytelling may appear to be a straightforward learning tool, it takes a sophisticated awareness of its potential to make it work effectively… and in a limited period of time.


A group of 35 seasoned Business Leaders under the leadership of Frank Kretzschmar and Mike Eldon as co-conveners for their consistent pursuit and exchange of knowledge through facilitated dialogue of carefully selected topical themes pertaining to leadership and challenges thereof. The group believes in learning from and with each other by sharing in their experiences through the mechanism of storytelling and stands for leading organizations with courage, integrity, mindfulness and foresight…”

Participant at Leaders Circle on March 2nd, 2024


Some of the topics of previous Leaders Circles are:

In Kenya: The Necessary Evil of Compliance; My Legacy; Learning from Mistakes; Courage in Leadership; Personal Moments of Forgiveness and Reconciliation; The Handshake that Binds – the Competitive Advantage of Trust; Trusting the Youth within Me; I am Responsible, I Carry my Share; Connecting with my Roots; and Setting, Accepting and Crossing Boundaries – The Story of my Life;

In Germany: Necessity is the Mother of Invention; and Loneliness and Freedom in Leadership.

The current topics in Kenya are:



The LEADERS CIRCLE only invites entrepreneurs who are personally known to him and who are connected to him.

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