Moments of Personal Transformation in My Life
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Moments of Personal Transformation in My Life

Date of event: November 29, 2021

For our upcoming event we are proposing the story-telling theme: “Moments of Personal Transformation in my Life”. During the afternoon you will share stories on which moments transformed you and changed the direction of your life. What was so powerful about such moments, what did you learn from them, and what were their consequences in terms of vision or values, purpose or passions, occupation or style? How did this affect those around you?

Our theme follows from ones of previous Leaders Circles that include, in Kenya: Now more than ever: Sustainable Living with Heart and Mind; The Necessary Evil of Compliance; My Legacy; Learning from Mistakes; Courage in Leadership; Personal Moments of Forgiveness and Reconciliation; The Handshake that Binds – the Competitive Advantage of Trust; Trusting the Youth within Me; I am Responsible, I Carry my Share; Connecting with my Roots; and Setting, Accepting and Crossing Boundaries – The Story of my Life; and in Germany others like: Necessity is the Mother of Invention; and Loneliness and Freedom in Leadership.