“The necessary evil of compliance”
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“The necessary evil of compliance”

Date of event: April 10, 2018

As an active player in Kenya who wants to see the country develop to its full potential we are inviting you to our next Leaders Circle, on. As always, it will bring together leaders like you who are committed to building and leading organisations that contribute positively to people’s lives.
For our upcoming event we are proposing the story-telling theme: “The necessary evil of compliance”.

In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (“VUCA”) world, the trend has been to seek more and more ways of ensuring compliance with good behaviour. But the more we try to overcome abuses by introducing new rules and regulations, the more we show how untrusting we are and the more cumbersome we make life for us all.

The trustworthy, the honest, the reliable people who do not need the tight straightjacket of compliance are constrained from performing at their best by the all the ways in which they are told what they cannot do. And by protecting everyone against worst-case scenarios the unintended consequence is too often to preclude the best-case ones. So the ever-expanding realm of compliance-ology, admittedly in the honourable quest for “good governance”, can be as much a curse as a blessing – certainly in higher-trust cultures.
So where are we in this confusing universe? How “compliant” are we? How bold are we, how bold can we afford to be, when at every turn there is someone telling us what we are not allowed to do? Has it made us less bold, less trusting, than we once were? Is that inevitable? Is it justifiable? Who have our role models in this area been, and are we in turn good role models for others?